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El Sueño Zapoteco A.C. / Bacaanda Foundation

Inspired by the Zapotec word “Bacaanda”, our dream is that one day all citizens of rural communities will enjoy the physical and educational well-being and employment opportunities that will allow them to realize their dreams for a better future.
Susanne Jarnryd
President Bacaanda Foundation
Britt Jarnryd
President El Sueño Zapoteco A.C.
Escuela rural en Oaxaca.

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What do we do?

At the Bacaanda Foundation we work hand-in-hand with each community to improve educational opportunities by helping create a supportive classroom environment with the necessary infrastructure, school supplies and technological resources, improvements that enhance the quality of life and future opportunities of the children in each community. These achievements depend on collaboration between parents, benefactors and volunteers.

Intelligent Rural Schools

Intelligent Rural Schools is a program to invest in the education of elementary and middle school students in southern Oaxaca state. The program utilizes technology delivered through the internet to bridge the knowledge gap between rural and urban schools.

Donation of iPads

A key success factor for the Intelligent Rural Schools project is the accumulation of hundreds of iPads to be used by students in each classroom.
GOAL: 500 iPads | 156 iPads
Photo: Child from Llano Jícaras community

Adopt a Rural School

A program to continuously improve rural schools through construction and remodeling of classrooms and teachers quarters and a steady supply of classroom materials.
60 schools GOAL
29 BUILT 48.3%


Since 2008, we have engaged in multiple projects targeting health, education and quality of life in rural Mexico. We recognize the central role played by school benefactors, partners and strategic volunteers who have worked closely with us to achieve the Foundation’s goals.


We seek the active involvement of members of each community as we jointly tackle projects on a large scale.

Who we are

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USA (978) 257-0378
MX (958) 581-0536


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To help alleviate the extreme poverty of the southern Oaxaca region by creating infrastructure, introducing information technology, providing educational supplies, and fostering healthy communities and employment opportunities.

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