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Accomplishments to date

Over our first 12 years we have improved the lives of thousands of children, their families and their teachers.
Schools built
Schools remodeled
Teachers quarters built and 6 remodeled
Sports facilities built, 1 remodeled and 4 playgrounds
Delivered dental clinics
Schools with internet installation and equipment
Technology centers
Librarie built and 2 remodeled
Multipurpose classrooms and Storage building - Dream Project
New community kitchens

Accomplishments to date

at the regional CONAFE center in Santa Maria Huatulco.
2 0
New classromms
Remodeled classromms
Technology center

Bacaanda Impact

With the support of our adopters and benefactors we have helped transform schools, classrooms and teachers quarters.



El Derramadero school, 2014

El Derramadero school, 2016

Paraíso school, 2017

Paraíso school, 2018

Teachers quarters, 2016

Teachers quarters, 2017

Arts and Crafts Store

Our Workshop is a fertile training ground for beginner artisans from rural communities. The great abundance of natural materials of the region have allowed us to create original crafts that reflect the local culture and turn them into a line of unique products.

Most of the crafts created are available for sale and are wonderful memories unique in their design. To see them for yourself visit our store located in the Tangolunda area.

Dream Festival

The Dream Festival is organized in January every year by the Foundation and a group of local and foreign volunteers. It has now become a fixture in the Huatulco social calendar.

The Festival allows us to fundraise while promoting the work of the Foundation. A series of organized activities allow our benefactors and volunteers to meet and interact with many of the children from communities we support.

Huatulco Airport

With the support of the Huatulco airport authority we exhibit seasonal displays created by our artisans. These include a nativity set, an Easter set, a jungle, and a Dia de los Muertos scene featuring the famous catrinas of Guadalupe Posadas.

The sales of arts and crafts are a great way to spread the message of the Foundation.

Adopting a Rural School

To adopt a rural school means to support the construction or renovation and maintenance for the school, and to nurture the education of its students in the long term.

General Fund Donations

General Fund Donations are essential to our work, as they allow us to service schools that haven’t been adopted and to invest resources into planning and developing new projects prior to their adoption.

Our commitment to the Adopter

Many of our adopters like to play a more active role by establishing a continuous relationship with their school, getting to know the students and supporting them in multiple ways.

Adopters play a starring role at the school’s inauguration ceremony and they receive detailed reports and progress updates about their schools on an ongoing basis.

The Work of the Adopters

El Derramadero Santa María Huatulco

Susan James & Richard Saunders
In 2014, through the collaboration of the Foundation and its adopters, this school obtained new elementary and middle school classrooms.

El Manantial Pluma Hidalgo

Susan y Jack Marr

A school adopted and partially rebuilt by a Canadian couple in 2015.

Los Olivos Santa María Huatulco

“Punta Arrocito” Adopters

The adopters built a shool, playground and community kitchen and continue to work closely with the school.

3 de Mayo Pluma Hidalgo

Terry & Rick Smith.

Since this project was started in 2016, a pre-primary and elementary school plus a teachers quarter and a sports court with perimeter fencing were built, through the generosity of the adopting family.

El Granadillo San Miguel del Puerto

Buenaventura Family

This pre-primary school and playground was built with the support of a Canadian family.

Puente Cuajinicuil Santa María Huatulco

Sharon Beste y Jerry Smith.

Adopted in 2015, this school includes a pre-primary classroom, bathroom and shower and perimeter fencing. The adopters frequently visit the school and donate furniture, furnishings and supplies.

Vista Hermosa Pluma Hidalgo

Ricardo Yañez

The adopter inaugurated this elementary school in 2017 and has since steadily continued his involvement.

El Paraíso San Pedro Pochutla

Anonymous Mexican family

This project included a pre-primary classroom, two elementary school classrooms and a middle school classroom, plus teachers quarters.

La Bocana Santa María Huatulco

Anonymous Couple

This school was adopted by an anonymous couple. They remodeled a pre-primary classroom, teachers quarters plus bathrooms.

Puente Todos Santos Santa María Huatulco

Jeannine y Shawn Maheu

As part of their fundraising project, these adopters connected their rural school with the École Montbleu school in Canada, which has since become a sister school.

Sister Schools

Barrio La Unión 1 Santa María Huatulco

Big Rock Sister School

Adopted by the Big Rock sister school, this rural school has seen much of its infrastructure improved thanks to fundraising efforts.

El Granadillo San Miguel del Puerto

Navigate School

This Canadian school organized several fundraisers to build a soccer and basketball court in Granadillo. The school has also organized computer and sports goods drives.


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To help alleviate the extreme poverty of the southern Oaxaca region by creating infrastructure, introducing information technology, providing educational supplies, and fostering healthy communities and employment opportunities.

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