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Intelligent Rural Schools

Intelligent Rural Schools

This program will utilize point-to-point wireless technology to bring internet to rural communities, helping connect them to the information age.


Our main goal has always been to provide the resources necessary for children of rural communities to obtain a solid education under optimal conditions.

The internet has become a fundamental tool for the education of every child in today’s digital age.

The project includes:

1.- Providing high speed internet connection transmitted from Huatulco to the communities through point-to-point antennas.

2.- Training of teachers on the use of classroom technology.

3. Equipping classrooms with iPad tablets and Smart TVs.

The Challenge

Bridging the digital divide by eventually connecting 120 schools in the five school districts that work with the Foundation.

We hope to ultimately reach over 2,000 students and over 100 teachers each year.



1. Connect 22 schools with 8-10MB speed internet.
2. Load online and offline educational contact on tablets to be used by students and teachers.
3. Allow students after-hours access to tablets so they can continue their studies.
4. Create a digital platform connecting all CONAFE teachers so they may share classroom experiences and best practices.
5. Explore opportunities to use this technology to benefit each community in additional ways.


• Installation of two additional transmission towers
• Connect 40 more schools to the network

Why do we need your support?

This is an ambitious project. The project has the potential to transform the lives of thousands of students, we can use technology to make it happen. Our adopters and benefactors have the opportunity to participate in a very important new project.

How we put your donation to use?

100% of funds we receive are put directly to work in our programs. We follow a carefully thought out process to prioritize how best to put this funding to use.

Progress to date

Working with FONATUR Huatulco and the Instituto Mexico, the Foundation has started Phase One of the Intelligent Schools project by installing the transmission towers to provide the internet signal.

Financial Goal

2 millon pesos for the development of transmission infrastructure.

5 million pesos to do the installation in 52 schools.

Your opportunity to make a difference

With your support we can transform the lives of hundreds of children.

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MX (958) 581-0536


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To help alleviate the extreme poverty of the southern Oaxaca region by creating infrastructure, introducing information technology, providing educational supplies, and fostering healthy communities and employment opportunities.

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