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Who We Are

El Sueño Zapoteco A.C. / Bacaanda Foundation

We are a certified US and Mexican non-profit organization in continuous operation since 2008. Our geographic area of concentration is in the mountain and coastline communities of southern Oaxaca state. We have applied for Canadian non-profit status and hope to complete this process by late 2019. Our offices are located in Huatulco, Mexico and Concord, Massachusetts.

The word “Bacaanda” means “Dream” in the local Zapotec language.

Our dream is to make an impact by eliminating inequality. We believe the best way to do so is to invest in education.

What do we do?

We work WITH communities, not FOR communities. As a Foundation we take great care in engaging the community by teaming up with parents to gauge their kids’ educational needs and jointly develop a solution. Community members play an extensive role in the execution of each project, giving them a stake in the project’s long term success.

How do we do it?

– Through the help of our financial supporters
– Through donation boxes established in different spots in Huatulco, Oaxaca.
– With the help of young college graduates who need to fulfill community service requirements
– Through our internal resources
– Through the work of our dozens of volunteers

The Foundation

The Foundation provides educational, health, work training, recreational and social development programs to hundreds of children from rural communities. These programs contribute to a better quality of life across populations of all ages.


To help eliminate inequality by helping transform education in the mountain and coastline communities of southern Oaxaca state.


To make a meaningful impact in the well-being, development, and empowerment of marginalized communities.


Britt Jarnryd

Fundación El Sueño Zapoteco

Britt Jarnryd

The president of the Bacaanda Foundation’s Mexican arm, El Sueño Zapoteco, Britt was born and educated in Sweden and studied languages and linguistics at the University of Gothenburg. Britt moved to Mexico City as a young adult, where she had a successful import-export business and raised her two children before moving to Huatulco in 2004. An original founder of the Foundation, Britt is an avid painter.

Susanne Jarnryd

Bacaanda Foundation

Susanne Jarnryd

Susanne is a former teacher who serves as the US president of the Bacaanda Foundation. She has a BA from Bates College and an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and has served in the leadership of the Open Table food pantry of Concord, MA and the Concord Recreation Commission. One of the original founders of the Bacaanda Foundation, Susanne is passionate about international travel, family, and education causes. She lives in Concord MA with her husband Erik, three children and Daisy, their golden retriever.

Erik Jarnryd

Bacaanda Foundation

Erik Jarnryd

Erik is a real estate developer in the Boston area and the foundation’s Treasurer. After receiving a BA from Bates College and an MBA from the Harvard Business School Erik traveled the world as an international consultant with Mercer Management Consulting, specializing in Latin American business. Erik left consulting to become the President and CEO of Harvey Building Products, where he remained for 18 years. Erik is a dedicated soccer fan and player. He’s a Trustee at Bates College, Treasurer of Fields of CC fields, and one of the three original board members of the Bacaanda Foundation.

Ana Laura Luna

Fundación El Sueño Zapoteco

Ana Laura Luna

The newest member of our board, Ana has been involved in many health and education causes in Huatulco and in her home state of Puebla. In her professional life she works in the building and design business. We’re happy to have her aboard!

Larry Woelfel

Fundación El Sueño Zapoteco

Larry Woelfel

Our building guru, Larry has had a wide-ranging career including work as a home remodeler, wine maker at Hook and Ladder Winery, financial consultant with Amex and solar system marketer and installer. Larry holds a BA in biology with an emphasis on environmental and behavioral science. He lives in Huatulco for a large part of the year with his wife Doreen, an active Bacaanda volunteer.

Felipe de J. Sánchez

Fundación El Sueño Zapoteco

Felipe de J. Sánchez

A former rural school teacher who was raised in an indigenous community, Jesus has devoted his career to providing a high quality education for children in remote locations. As CONAFE’s Regional Coordinator for the 125 schools in the Santa Maria Huatulco district, Jesus is an expert on the needs of rural schools. He holds degrees from the Colegio de Bachilleres de Oaxaca and the Universidad Pedagogica Nacional. Jesus lives with his wife and two children outside of Huatulco.

Our Team

Raymundo Ruíz López

Workshop Manager

Lic. Armenia Hermida Lara

Outreach Director

Lic. Selene Pérez Roldan

Public Relations Coordinator

Lc. Filadelfo Hernández Pedro

Community and Construction Coordinator

Lic. Cecilia Hernández Solís

Office Manager

Delphine L. Kachadourian

Representantive in Mexico City

Ing. Alejandro Reyes

Internet installation coordinator in schools

Lic. Luz María Pérez López

Project Monitoring and Control Coordinator

José Arturo Escudero

Construction Worker

Lic. Rogelio Machuca Fermín


Jorge Miguel Vazquez Cruz


Alexandro Manuel García Reyes


Our Partners


Municipality Santa María Huatulco
DIF Huatulco
FONATUR Huatulco
Cruz Roja Huatulco
Club Rotario Huatulco
Pepsico Group
Coca Cola Group
Súper Soriana Híper Huatulco
Súper Chedraui Huatulco
Huatulco International Airport
Hotel Princes Mayev
Hotel Las Brisas Huatulco
Hotel Holiday Inn Huatulco
Hotel Quinta Real Huatulco
Hotel Dreams Huatulco
Hotel Camino Real Huatulco
Hotel Marina Park
Hotel Castillo Huatulco
Hotel Binniguenda Huatulco
Hotel Secrets Huatulco
Hotel Villablanca
Hotel Monteflor


Café Casa Mayor
Pizzería Gato negro
Restaurant Bar-Café El Charro
Sabor a mi
Taquería el Padrino
West Park Café


Agua Vital
Abarrotes Santa Cruz
Balneario Arroyo González
Boutique Rojo Arena
Carnicería 3 Hermanos
Carnicería Papaloapan
Casa Reyes
Cemento Cruz azul
Choreographer Rosalba Jiménez
The Suite Night Club
Eco spa
Ferretería Casa Pepe
Foto Conejos
Rumba Buena Huatulco Dance Club
Bacaanda Music Group
Hagía Shophia
Jewelry María Bonita
Jewelry La Tehuana
La Probadita
Tablecloths Store Escobar
Notary Núm. 115
Lic. Enrique López Salinas
San Alejandro Bakery
Pollo San Gerardo
Plaza El Rosario
Serigrafía Steta
Nautical Tourism–Cruise ships
Ultramarinos Costa Sur
Verdulería Hermanos Lucas
Yamaha Huatulco
Shoe shop Dimoni
Shoe shop Quetzaly


Embassy of Sweden in Mexico
Soriana Foundation
Simi Foundation


Punta Arrocito
Sueño del Mar


Irma Steta
Dr. Jorge Blanco
Dra. Roxana Alducin
Dra. Griselda Castellanos
Dr. Francisco Bartolo
Expresident Jaime Martínez
Expresident Darío Pacheco Venegas
President Celso Filadelfo Ramírez
Lic. José Luis Gómez
Manuel Gámez
Zugeith Mendoza
Kino Healy
Choreographer Rosalba Jiménez

Together we can!

Each volunteer who helps the Foundation makes a huge difference in the well-being of the communities.
Share your time and talent with us. Contact us to learn more.

How we impact social change in Mexico

Make a difference


USA (978) 257-0378
MX (958) 581-0536


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To help alleviate the extreme poverty of the southern Oaxaca region by creating infrastructure, introducing information technology, providing educational supplies, and fostering healthy communities and employment opportunities.

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