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Project Sister Schools

“I visit the school each year with gifts, books and school supplies from our school and I am able to see what has been accomplished with the funds raised and take pictures to share with the students in Canada. The parents of the students at the adopted schools are very appreciative of our efforts. It is very rewarding for students in Canada to actually see what their fundraising efforts have accomplished. Adopting a school with the Bacaanda Foundation is a hands-on, rewarding project.»

– Mary Donaldson, Big Rock School.

Students writing to their sister school penpals

Become a Sister School

In our Sister Schools program rural Mexican schools are paired with schools abroad or in more developed parts of Mexico. The sister schools fundraise for the needs of their rural school partners and the two can exchange letters, or in schools with internet availability (see our Intelligent Rural Schools page!), can Skype to connect students at the two schools. The greater intercultural understanding and friendships developed through these relationships benefit both schools.

A sister school relationship can involve one classroom, a school, or an entire community.

Please contact us if you’re interested in developing a sister school relationship between your home school and one of our rural schools. We can help with informational materials and fundraising ideas. Join us!

Our Sister Schools

Navigate School, Canada

El Granadillo, San Miguel del Puerto

The Navigate School school organized several fundraisers to build a soccer and basketball court in Granadillo. The school has also organized computer and sports goods drives. The kids enjoy learning about each other through letters sent between the schools.

Big Rock School, Canada

Barrió La Unión 1, Santa María Huatulco

Each Valentine’s Day the children at Big Rock School hold a «HeartMarket» where they sell items they have made to the students and parents in the school. One third of the funds raised goes to the Bacaanda Foundation to help the Barrio La Union 1 School. Over the past few years funds raised by the students have painted the school, put in ceiling fans, poured a concrete sidewalk to the school and renovated the teacher washroom and shower.

Mariana traveled to Huatulco with her family and while on vacation she fell in love with our destination and our culture.

As she got to know the community, Mariana realized that many children had difficulty accessing education. Some lived in remote areas, while others lacked the resources to attend school regularly. Mariana was determined to help in any way she could.

We are very proud that someone so young could organize a group of schoolmates and friends, not only to collect educational materials but also to exchange letters and videos with the children at her sister school in the La Reja community.

The school year 2022-2023 sees Freinet School join our Sister Schools project.

Students have been writing letters to their counterparts in San Isidro Loma Larga, sharing information about themselves and asking questions about the lives of their new friends. These letters have been an excellent way to practice communication skills.

In addition to exchanging letters, Colegio Freinet has donated school supplies and toys, receiving in return bracelets made by their friends from San Isidro Loma Larga.

The school year 2022-2023, Colegio Chahué will also join our Sister Schools project.

Students have exchanged letters and video calls. The community of teachers, parents and students of Colegio Chahué organized a toy drive for the friends of Llano Palacio. Everyone is looking forward to the opportunity to get together.

The homeschoolers in Querétaro and the CONAFE school in the community of El Tamarindo are sister schools. Recently, the homeschoolers donated a basketball hoop to the CONAFE school and, in return, the children of El Tamarindo made bracelets for them.

It is wonderful to see how these two schools are working together, through letters and video calls, building connections. It’s a great example of how we can come together and support each other as a community.

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